The Forest Biosciences Partnership is a mechanism of the IFB to strengthen research and communications in forest biotechnology.  The Partnership works with the IFB to develop Initiatives that accelerate the responsible use of forest biotechnologies. The Partnership is international in scope, and highly collaborative in approach.  Organizations formally linked through the partnership have direct access to the worlds largest forest biotechnology information network in this burgeoning field. While only some of the Forest Biosciences Partners are developing biotech trees, all Partners are committed to advancing science, dialogue, and stewardship in forest biotechnology.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Structured dialogue: A structured mechanism to discuss the benefits and risks of forest biotechnology with stakeholders.
  • Organize efforts: Seek out and develop collaborations and sources of funds for research into science, policy, ethics, and environmental aspects of forest biotechnology.
  • Policy mechanism: Maintain distance from forest biotechnology issues that are politically charged while accelerating the benefits of forest biotechnology.  The IFB will always remain an independent and balanced broker among all stakeholders.
  • Increased communication: Inform stakeholders of the benefits and risks of forest biotechnology to ensure public and private resources accelerate the benefits to society.
  • Drive Initiatives: Work with the IFB and other Partners to chart strategic direction of its four initiatives: Responsible Use, Forest Fuels, Tree Genes, Heritage Trees
  • Global network: Promote your organizations latest advances in the field through partner meetings, newsletters, and online information tools. The Partnership provides direct access to the most influential people and organizations in the field.
  • Information source: The IFB consolidates information from disparate sources for the public.  Partners have access to additional material and detail not publicly available.
  • More tools: Partners also benefit from:
    • Webpspace on IFBs site to post information about their organization and efforts
    • Invitation to all Initiative meetings these meetings are only open to partners
    • Greatly reduced rate to attend any IFB event that requires a registration fee
    • Partner update letters sent every 2-3 months and a free copy of all IFB publications
    • Acknowledgement as a Partner of the IFB in communication material and events


Partner institutions provide an annual contribution to the IFB as general support to deliver the benefits listed above. Several partners have provided sustaining contributions and Initiative-specific funding.  Partners operate in a strategic planning role to the IFB on Initiatives.  Partner meetings are held annually to highlight Initiatives and areas of focus.

For additional information about partnership contributions or benefits, please contact the IFB.

Current Forest Biosciences Partners