IFB Releases Two Forest Education & Outreach Tools

Working with graphic artists, the IFB has developed an infographic and a forest education tool that communicate the importance of forests while providing practical ways to help improve forest health and productivity.

The first is a static graphic that scrolls vertically on a webpage or mobile device. It is available in a high-resolution format for printing hard copies, or even making into an educational banner.

The second is an interactive application that was developed specifically for touch screen devices like iPads, Windows Surface, and Android tablets that are making their way into K­12 classrooms everywhere. Rest assured though, it works equally well on regular computers. This tool encourages people to interact with the graphic by moving the slider to change the environment, click buttons to activate information pop-ups, investigate links to useful sites, and it has a simple one question survey at the bottom of the page. The survey is intended to gather quick feedback from users. This interactive application will be particularly powerful to help reach the general public, and learn a little about the publics opinion of using technology to help forests thrive.

You can access our forest education infographics at: responsibleuse.org/forest

Static Infographic
Interactive Application

Please Note: The graphics are based on information from respectable, 3rd party research organizations to ensure that an unbiased set of facts are presented.

The forest education tool was built using state of the art HTML5 and requires a modern browser like Firefox, Safari, or Chrome to use all of its interactive features.

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