The IFB fosters the use of science and technologies that create healthier and more productive forests now and for the future.

Closure Notice

After twenty years of ground-breaking work at the forefront of forest science and biotechnology, The Institute of Forest Biosciences (the IFB), formerly the Institute of Forest Biotechnology, will be closing its doors on May 31, 2019.

The IFB transitioned from a decade focused on genetically-modified trees and forest biotechnology to a focus on the use of scientific tools to preserve the health and productivity of our global forests.

Over the past two decades the IFB has been a leader in advancing responsible forest science through dialogue with diverse partnerships and stakeholders, while fostering an ethos of stewardship of the world’s forests and forest resources.

We thank the many government, industry and public interest partners, former board members and individuals who supported the important work of the IFB.

Letter from the Board of Directors regarding IFB's closure is available here.

Our Story

Our forests are under pressure from global trade, population growth, invasive threats, and increased demand on natural resources. There is a need to advance technologies and research to create healthier and more productive forests for the betterment of the future. The Institute of Forest Biosciences was established to foster the progression of science, dialogue, and stewardship that will help in accomplishing that mission.

With the help of our Partners, we establish dialogue between diverse stakeholders that addresses the sustainability of forest biotechnology on a global scale. The IFB is in a unique position to promote societal, environmental, and responsible actions through science and technology that will lead us to understanding and building a better future for our forests.


Community geotagging of our forests

Forest Health Initiative

Exploring biotechnology to protect forest health

Tree Genes Initiative

Breeding stronger trees for a stronger earth

Responsible Use

Helping to protect forests wherever biotech trees are used

Balanced Information

The IFB disseminates information and manages initiatives. See our publications page for shareable reference materials.

Together we can improve future forests through science, dialogue, and stewardship.